50rds – 10mm Fiocchi 180gr. JHP Ammo

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50rds – 10mm Fiocchi 180gr. JHP Ammo Details

Want to harness the exhilarating power of the 10mm pistol for self-defense, but don’t want to turn your pockets inside out investing in the ammunition? Never fear, because Fiocchi has got you covered! This cartridge is loaded with the jacketed hollow point you need to take care of business when that business involves you not getting rapped over the head with a steel pipe.

This round’s 180 grain projectile isn’t one of the heaviest known to its caliber, and accordingly causes less of the muzzle flip that can make accurate rapid fire more difficult. The bullet’s hard copper jacket helps it to penetrate barriers, and its nose cavity unleashes deadly expansion as it passes through a soft target. Give one of these rounds a test run on a gallon of water, and you’ll certainly be glad you weren’t the gallon of water.

If you train with this cartridge you’ll be pleased by the quality reloadable brass casing it produces. Fiocchi’s primer burns hot and clean, which in conjunction with their modern propellant will lessen the need for frequent cleaning.
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