500rds – 9mm Remington Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun 124gr. BJHP Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Do you carry a concealed weapon for personal protection, and prefer a smaller model of handgun so as to remain less conspicuous? It is highly advisable -- that piece is no one’s business except for you and whoever would be so unfortunate as to think you’re an easy target. Remington creates their Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun line of ammunition with you precisely in mind.

This 9mm cartridge features a 124 grain Golden Saber BJHP projectile. The bullet’s jacket is made of cartridge brass rather than copper, and is thus stiffer so that it can release greater energy over longer distances. The bullet’s hollow point nose cavity sports spiral cut serrations that enable it to consistently expand up to over 1.5 times its original width during penetration. The large petals that this bullet produces, along with its virtually perfect weight retention, make its terminal performance positively devastating. The Golden Saber BJHP keeps its lethality even after having passed through one of a variety of the most common urban barriers!
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