500rds - 30-30 Prvi Partizan 150gr. FSP Ammo

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Prvi Partizan Ammunition 150 Grain Flat Soft Point Ammo Details

Flat Soft Point (FSP) bullets offer wide, blunt entry with early expansion for hunters that are pitting themselves against thin-skinned game animals. That makes these .30-30 Winchester rounds from Prvi Partizan an excellent choice for chasing deer, big cats, and younger hogs with a classic lever-action rifle. To this end, the flat point is also safer for storage in a tubular magazine than a pointed bullet. Each 150-grain projectile has a toothed cannelure which prevents separation and encourages maximum energy transfer to vital areas as the bullet expands in a target.

Prvi uses that same cannelure as a crimp point for a reloadable brass casing, creating a solid lock that resists jostling and accuracy loss throughout recoil and chambering. The brass case is equipped with a non-corrosive Boxer primer which helps to preserve the life of your favorite firearm. Prvi Partizan is a Serbian organization with a history dating back to 1928. They have specific experience with adapting older calibers to modern standards with high-performance projectiles.
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    30-30 Winchester
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