500rds - 30-06 Golden Bear 168gr. SP Ammo

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500rds - 30-06 Golden Bear 168gr. SP Ammo Details

Your favorite rifle chambered in .30-06 Springfield and your wallet will both thank you when you run these rounds from Golden Bear! These Russian made cartridges utilize non-reloadable steel casings for ultimate cost savings but then dress them with a coat of brass; this alteration provides a soft barrier between case material and extractors for improved longevity with minimal parts wear. The brass coating not only covers the casing but the non-corrosive Berdan primer as well so it can protect both from moisture and rust in long-term storage. Each of these rounds propels a 168 grain soft-point projectile with a bi-metal jacket.

The soft point bullet profile is a classic choice for hunting due to its steady flight characteristics, deep penetration on target, and explosive expansion which will drop a big game animal in its tracks. 168 grains is a familiar weight for the .30-06 caliber and is aptly supported by ballistic tables and modern scope reticles. Golden Bear ammunition is manufactured by the Barnaul Cartridge Plant in Russia which has ample experience with both classic Russian military calibers and common U.S. cartridges. Buying in bulk with this 500 round case gives a hunter plenty of opportunity to confirm zero, get sufficient practice, and work through an entire season without trouble.

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