500rds – 223 Rem Federal American Eagle 55gr. FMJBT Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT) Ammo Details

Sometimes you don’t want a thousand rounds of ammunition. Sometimes you only want half a thousand rounds – and Federal obliges. This 500-round case of American Eagle 223 Rem will keep your action cranking, your barrel hot, and your aim on point as you show everyone what’s what at the rifle range!

This isn’t military surplus ammo, but its specs are pretty much apples-to-apples the same as the Army’s own 5.56x45 M193 round that’s issued for field use with the M16A1 rifle. Its 55 grain FMJBT bullet loaded to a muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps will treat your AR-15 perfectly as well. It’s 100% nonmagnetic, cannelured to prevent setback that could impede smooth functionality, and boat tailed to promote flatter trajectories at any range.

A lot of people assume this ammo is reloaded because its brass cases are discolored. But those are in fact brand new cases – Federal just skips polishing them up after they get annealed at the factory. These reloadable heat-treated cases are set up with non-corrosive Boxer primers and clean-burning powder to keep the need for barrel scrubbing at a minimum.
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