500rds – 10mm PMC Bronze 170gr. JHP Ammo

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500rds – 10mm PMC Bronze 170gr. JHP Ammo Details

PMC ammunition hails from South Korea, where it is manufactured by the same company which supplies to the country’s own military. As part of South Korea’s concerted effort to become wholly self-sufficient for all of their weaponry needs, PMC’s components are exclusively crafted from raw materials. So integrated a supply chain translates to great performance, as PMC has complete control over their components’ quality -- although the brand still stands for value.

Great value is a fine thing for a self-defense round to have. You’ll be able to learn this round’s performance inside and out at the range, and still have plenty left over to plunk into your everyday carry. That kind of confidence in a round is a great thing to have when your safety could one day depend on it.

This round owes its ability to drop a threat quickly to more than its powerful caliber alone -- its 200 grain hollow point projectile will expand quickly as it penetrates its target, and the notches pressed into its jacket around its tip will direct that mushrooming along a dependable plane. PMC’s brass casings are perfect for reloading, and their non-corrosive primers will let you sit on this case of ammo basically indefinitely.
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Gel test Results

In hopes of giving ourselves and our customers a better idea how this 10mm Auto self-defense ammo would perform if called upon in a self-defense scenario, we tested dozens of the best selling hollow points on the market.

We fired five rounds of this PMC Ammunition 10mm Auto ammo through a cloth barrier into Clear Ballistics calibrated synthetic gelatin and recorded the results. For these tests, we used a Glock 29 with a -inch barrel. In the photos, graphics and video on this page, you can see specifically how the PMC Ammunition ammo performed and how it sticks up with the rest of the 10mm Auto ammo we have tested so far.

To read more about our testing procedures and discover what round makes the best self-defense ammo for you head to this page.

Unfired versus Fired Round Comparison

Image detailing before and after firing 500rds – 10mm PMC Bronze 170gr. JHP Ammo Image detailing before and after firing 500rds – 10mm PMC Bronze 170gr. JHP Ammo

How do the results for this PMC Ammunition 10mm Auto compare to other PMC Ammo?

500rds – 10mm PMC Bronze 170gr. JHP Ammo Gel Test Results

Bullet Depth (in.) 25.5 40.2 43 48 48
Expanded Diameter (in.) 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Bullet Weight after shot (gr.) 170 170 170 170 170
Bullet Velocity (fps) 1015 1051 1064 1066 1081


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