20rds - 454 Casull Barnes VOR-TX 250gr. XPB HP Ammo


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20rds - 454 Casull Barnes VOR-TX 250gr. XPB HP Ammo Details

Big-bore handgun hunters, as well as those who choose to tote true hand-cannons, will appreciate the performance of these lead-free .454 Casull rounds for taking down hogs, whitetail, and two-legged predators. Barnes, an American company based out of Utah, equips these VOR-TX handgun loads with their XPB projectiles which are made entirely of copper. Each bullet weighs 250 grains and features a pronounced crimping band which prevents recoil-initiated sliding which could otherwise affect accuracy and dependable function. Other components include reloadable brass casings and clean-sparking Boxer primers.

While 250 grains is light for the caliber, the loads are tuned to produce relatively light recoil for more precise shot placement and are proven to yield increased penetration while promoting massive expansion with absolute weight retention. These factors all contribute to the appropriate delivery of terminal energy to vital organs behind thick hides and breastplates. XPB projectiles are also cut to produce six sharp petals which enlarge free-bleeding wound cavities so that game animals don't suffer. Barnes has been around since 1932 and uses expert knowledge and field experience to produce some of the finest projectiles and full-up ammunition known to hunters and law enforcement personnel.
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    454 Casull
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