25rds – 9mm +P Hornady Critical Duty 124gr. FlexLock Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Hornady Critical Duty ammunition is specifically manufactured for – and marketed to – law enforcement professionals. Are you a cop? Doesn’t matter. So long as you have a firearm rated for 9mm +P and intend to draw it if your life is ever in jeopardy, this is the ammo you’ll want in its chamber.

This round’s 124 grain FlexLock bullet is a high-tech JHP, the preferred bullet type for self-defense. Its core is made of extremely resilient high-antimony lead, which resists separating from its jacket even if the bullet must pass through two sheets of 20 gauge sheet metal. The FlexLock is made even tougher by its InterLock band, which mechanically anchors the core and jacket together to prevent them from separating from one another throughout high velocity penetration.

The FlexLock’s hollow point nose cavity contains Hornady’s proprietary Flex Tip. The polymer column plugs up the nose cavity to prevent it from clogging with debris, yet also promotes wider, more uniform terminal expansion as hydrostatic pressure forces it downward. That’s a lot of performance-enhancing features, but the takeaway is that the FlexLock penetrates deeply and expands wide – every time.

A Critical Duty cartridge offers two great benefits for self-defense outside of its bullet. First, its propellant is formulated to emit duller muzzle flash. A bright light will instantly destroy your night vision, and this ammo is designed to mitigate that risk. Second, its case is nickel-plated. That makes the ammo shinier so you can see it more easily in the dark, but it also protects it against corrosion as well as helps it feed and extract more easily in a semi-automatic handgun.
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