25rds – 45 ACP Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense 165gr. SCHP Ammo


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Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 165 Grain Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) Ammo Details

The traditional jacketed hollow point has by no means been replaced – but the solid copper hollow point has certainly got many merits. That’s why Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense ammunition can turn any 45 ACP firearm into an effective tool for personal protection!

This cartridge’s SCHP bullet is monolithic – all copper, no lead to be found. Because of this the SCHP retains no less than 95 percent of its weight before coming to a stop, even if it first has to tackle a barrier like multiple layers of thick clothing or sheet metal. The SCHP’s wide nose cavity triggers terminal expansion in the form of multiple gouging petals, which inflict catastrophic damage to any soft tissues they rake against.

A lead-free bullet quite naturally can’t leave behind lead fouling, and its uniform weight distribution gives it the balance it needs to follow a predictable trajectory. Copper is a lower density metal than lead, too, which is why this round’s bullet weighs only 165 grains. Expect lower recoil performance coupled with the stopping power you need to protect yourself and your own.

Sellier & Bellot is headquartered in the Czech Republic, where they draw and cut all of this ammo’s virgin brass cases. Those and this ammo’s smooth, uniformly seated bullets will treat you to reliable feeding and extraction when you most need them.
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