250rds - 40 S&W Speer Gold Dot 165gr. Hollow Point Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 165 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 953970B

This is 40 S&W Speer Gold Dot 165gr. Hollow Point Ammo. This ammo was manufactured for a law enforcement agency and did not pass the submersion test. So the sealant failed around the primer or case mouth. All that means is that this ammo may not funtion if you submerge it underwater. This ammo was then put in 250rd. boxes and sold to the civilian market. This is still excellent ammo and functions flawlessly. Most commercial ammo is not sealed anyway, so the sealant failing is not a big deal. Take advantage of the savings on this ammo. It is 75% off the regular price of 40 S&W Gold Dot. This ammo will come packed loose in 250rd. boxes.

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