20rds – 9mm +P Winchester USA Ready Defense 124gr. JHP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Winchester USA Ready Defense ammo will turn any handgun or carbine into a potent tool for personal protection!

This is 9mm +P ammunition, which is loaded to a higher pressure so its bullet flies straighter and hits harder. At five yards the bullet exerts nearly 390 ft lbs of energy, which is substantially more powerful than the minimum typically recommended for self-defense. (Modern handguns including all Glocks will safely fire 9mm +P; older firearms aren’t necessarily designed to absorb so much added pressure. Please check or ask us before you order 9mm +P!)

This round’s 124 grain bullet is a jacketed hollow point, which is the correct bullet for personal protection as it will expand inside soft tissue. Winchester added something special to the bullet: their Hex-Vent, a rigid polymer column which prevents the nose cavity from filling with debris. This preserves the JHP’s ability to expand, even if it has to pass through fabric or some other type of medium before it enters the threat.

This is highly reliable ammo. The brass case is nickel plated, which reduces friction to help a semi-auto cycle without jamming. Nickel plating is also inherently corrosion resistant, and even makes the ammo easier to see in poor lighting. USA Ready Defense ammo additionally features match grade primers, and ballistic data for each lot of ammo is published separately on winchester.com/usareadyinfo.
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    posted on by Josh

    Best 9mm load on the market if you ask me!!!! It's obviously built off the Hornady Critical Defense round. But if anyone is like me and likes the idea of the Critical Defense load for 9mm but doesn't like the 115 weight and wants something that hits substantially harder than the Critical Defense load than this is the ammo for you. I use it in my XD Mod.2 9mm subcompact and it loves it. It doesn't foul the barrel much either due to the nickle plating of the jacket. Yeah I can't say enough good stuff about this ammo. Match grade primers so it will always go boom from an ammo standpoint. It's cool that the actual individual ballistics of the lot you get is on their website. So you can actually check what your individual ammo should do out of different length barrels. I actually prefer this to the PDX1 124+p load I was using.

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