20rds – 9mm +P Winchester Defender 147gr. Bonded JHP Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Winchester designs their Defender line of handgun ammunition to pass the revered FBI test protocol with flying colors. And this 9mm +P ammo does just that with the aid of its bonded jacketed hollow point projectile!

Thanks to Winchester’s proprietary welding process, this round’s 147 grain JHP’s jacket and core are virtually inseparable. This is a bullet that retains its weight even if it must defeat a tough barrier before it can access its target, which in turn lets it preserve all the momentum it needs to deeply penetrate soft tissue – all the way to the vital organs, where it can quickly neutralize even the most resilient threat.

The bonded JHP backs up its deep penetration with wide terminal expansion. Precision notches surrounding the nose cavity facilite expansion up to 0.53” in diameter – accompanied by the production of six sharp, hooked petals to reduce the likelihood of potentially disastrous overpenetration.

Winchester’s nickel-plated cases are at once smooth feeding and non-corrosive, and their sheen helps to make them more visible in poor lighting. Low flash powder is especially helpful in the dark as well, as it will preserve your vision should you ever have to defend yourself in the nighttime.
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