20rds – 9mm Browning BXP 147gr. X-Point JHP Ammo


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Browning 147 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Browning, a name which has represented U.S. hunting culture and ingenuity for over 130 years, is now also a brand for premium self-defense ammunition! Browning X-Point (BXP) pistol cartridges use a cross-structure inside of the cavity of their hollow point projectiles which is designed to help bypass intermediate barriers on the way to a threat; this ensures that the cavity doesn't get clogged and allows the bullet to expand reliably for massive energy transfer and a larger wound cavity. Each of these 9mm projectiles weighs 147 grains which is heavy for the caliber and offers smooth recoil alongside optimal penetration.

BXP rounds feature non-corrosive Boxer primers fitted into reloadable brass casings. Each casing is black nickel-coated for smoother feeding and ejection, resistance against corrosion caused by carry sweat, and simple segregation from practice ammunition. The X-Point bullets also feature a full diameter knurl which prevents setback from repeated chambering, preserves consistent accuracy, and promotes weight retention during target entry.

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