20rds - 7.62x39 Golden Bear 125gr. Soft Point Ammo

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Golden Bear Ammunition 125 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

This 7.62x39 cartridge by Golden Bear hails from the Barnaul Cartridge Plant, the same facility which provides most of the ammunition utilized by Russia’s military. A Russian creation through and through, this round’s casing is made of steel and thus is cost-effective at the expense of having nothing to offer at a reloading bench. Its casing does put the “Golden” in Golden Bear, however, courtesy of its brass plating which enables it to perform virtually identically to how a traditional casing would.

This round features a 125 grain soft point projectile. The bullet has still got most of a metal jacket, which means it won’t foul your weapon’s bore with lead and will still reliably penetrate a variety of media. Once it has penetrated a soft target, the soft lead exposed at this bullet’s tip will cause deformation and tumbling which you can count on to drop medium sized game and human-sized interlopers alike. It’s an affordable solution for many shooting needs.
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