20rds – 450 Bushmaster Federal Non-Typical 300gr. JHP Ammo


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20rds – 450 Bushmaster Federal Non-Typical 300gr. JHP Ammo Details

Why not take down whitetail with the same kind of bullet you’d use for self-defense? If you’ve got this 450 Bushmaster round from Federal’s Non-Typical line of ammunition you can do exactly that. This cartridge’s 300 grain projectile is dressed in a metal jacket that promotes deep penetration and which is thoroughly concentric to ensure straight flight. As it burrows within its target the bullet’s precision-formed hollow point nose cavity will cause it to open up to far greater than its original diameter, and that expansion will be totally controlled by the jacket all the while.

Federal gave this round their own precision drawn brass casing. It will go in and out of an AR-15 style firearm’s chamber without hesitation, and because its mouth is so even it will seat its bullet evenly for even better assured accuracy. Federal’s primer is dependable enough to guarantee a misfire will never cost you a trophy, and their propellant burns to achieve a consistent 1,900 fps so you can anticipate just where your shots will land.
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