20rds – 45 Colt Winchester Defender 225gr. PDX1 Bonded JHP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 225 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

This 45 Long Colt cartridge from Winchester’s Defender line of ammunition features a 225 grain PDX1 projectile. Designed to maximize the terminal ballistics called for by the FBI’s exacting test protocol, this bullet’s core is welded to its jacket so that it loses virtually zero percent of its potential for devastating terminal performance after having broken through tough barriers like heavy clothing and wallboard.

This round’s projectile features a notched jacket. The notches preprogram the bullet to expand into six consistent segments during penetration, enabling it to widen up to 1.5 times its initial diameter. Having such stopping power at your disposal at a moment’s notice is indispensable wherever you go in this dangerous world.

Winchester complements so formidable a bullet with a nickel plated brass casing. That plating safeguards the round against corrosion, and because of its low friction you’ll be able to much more easily feed and eject these rounds into and out of your pistol’s cylinder.
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    45 Long Colt
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