20rds – 45-70 Govt. Black Hills Gold 325gr. HoneyBadger Ammo


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Black Hills Ammunition 325 Grain HoneyBadger Ammo Details

This 45-70 Government cartridge by Black Hills features a 325 grain HoneyBadger projectile. The HoneyBadger is most frequently implemented for self-defense applications, although this big round would be kind of overkill unless you’re afraid of getting assaulted by a moose during your walk home from work. The HoneyBadger is a great choice for hunting hulking, beefy game, because its radial scalloping enables it to produce a wound channel even wider than a hollow point could have, but without the need for expansion that might have prevented it from reaching your quarry’s vitals. The Phillips drill bit shaped HoneyBadger feeds exceptionally smoothly, and because it’s made entirely of copper it’ll keep your rifle’s bore wholly unadulterated by lead residue throughout the course of your hunt.

Black Hills doesn’t dabble in inferior loading techniques. That’s why the United States Armed Forces buys from them, and it’s also why over one dozen major firearm manufacturers engage them to supply their testing ammunition. Keep this cartrdige’s brass once you’ve emptied it that you may reload it in the future, and count on its non-corrosive primer to stay ready to ignite over the course of years and years.
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