20rds – 41 Magnum HSM Bear Load 230gr. Hard Cast SWC Ammo


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HSM Ammunition 230 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Ammo Details

You may wish never to harm a bear. Unfortunately, not every bear necessarily feels the same way about you. If you live in an area where bears pose a serious threat to your personal safety – and you’ve got a proper 41 Remington Magnum revolver – then HSM has made the ideal ammunition to keep ready in your cylinder.

This round’s 230 grain hard cast semi-wadcutter bullet would make a poor choice for defense against a human-sized threat. The alloyed lead bullet is far too hard to undergo significant deformation as it burrows through a soft medium, and its lack of a nose cavity only makes it less capable of terminal expansion. But when you’re trying to kill a bear, you really want a bullet that is strictly designed to penetrate very deeply – otherwise the wound channel may prove too shallow to access whichever vital organs the bear needs to continue behaving aggressively toward you. The SWC’s shape does make its wound channel more destructive than that of a standard LRN or FMJ, and its gas check ensures that the bullet receives as much kinetic energy from its propellant charge as possible.

HSM of Montana decks these rounds out with premium reloadable brass cases, as well as primers and propellant which are engineered to supply reliable ignition over a broad range of temperatures. One in five Americans will be eaten by a bear at some point in their lifetime – don’t become a statistic we just made up!
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    HSM Ammunition
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    Self Defense
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    41 Rem Magnum
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