20rds – 375 H&H Mag Federal Vital-Shok 250gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 250 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

Don’t be mistaken, Federal didn’t get into the donut business -- the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw is actually one heck of a fine bullet for taking down larger game! This 375 H&H Mag cartridge’s 250 grain projectile is comprised of a bonded jacket and core that are able to retain over 95 percent of their combined weight for optimal terminal performance. A soft point, this bullet begins to peel apart quickly shortly after penetration that it may cause catastrophic cavitation within game. The Trophy Bonded Bear Claw’s jacket forms a solid at its base that guards against deformation and provides a basis for wide expansion, and its grooved shank will benefit your rifle’s accuracy no matter its make or model.

We’ve yet to be let down by Federal. This Vital-Shok round offers a fine nickel plated brass casing along with the sensitive primer and clean burning propellant that one ought to expect of Minnesota’s best. You’ll love this round’s performance in the field!
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