20rds – 350 Legend Hornady American Whitetail 170gr. InterLock Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 170 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

This 350 Legend American Whitetail cartridge features Hornady’s own 170 grain InterLock bullet. The InterLock excels over long distances thanks to its streamlined secant ogive profile, which darts in between air molecules like no one’s business. Hornady’s jacket’s signature concentricity lends much needed rotational stability to the equation as well. This soft point bullet also knows how to expand rapidly, even at long range, as its jacket is both precisely tapered and weakened by carefully placed inner grooves. Weight retention? You bet! The InterLock takes its name from the raised ring that anchors its jacket and one-piece core tightly together, and it also wears a cannelure so that it can penetrate exceptionally deeply.

An American Whitetail round showcases the best casing and primer that a giant like Hornady is able to churn out. This round’s propellant charge has been made just as carefully to ensure each shot gives you the outcome you anticipate. You’ll see it coming, but the deer won’t.
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