20rds – 308 Win Federal 165gr. GameKing BTSP Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 165 Grain Soft-Point Boat Tail (SP-BT) Ammo Details

This 308 Win cartridge by Federal features Sierra’s 165 grain GameKing projectile. Sierra has given their bullet an intensely concentric jacket and precise profile, which along with its boat tail design grant it the ability to maintain a flat trajectory downrange, resist wind drift, and deliver superior energy on impact. This bullet’s jacketed lead core will cause it to mushroom widely during penetration, suiting it perfectly for hunting a range of medium-sized game. Because it retains its weight so well, this GameKing creates a deep wound channel as well.

This round also sports Federal’s super responsive and reliable Gold Medal primer. You can count on it to cycle steadily through any platform and resist corrosion as well thanks to its new production brass casing’s nickel plating. This cartridge’s propellant is further specially formulated to dependably deliver a 2,700 fps muzzle velocity, a factor that helps its bullet to penetrate targets reliably at mid-range.
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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