20rds - 30-30 Win. Heavy Buffalo Bore 190gr. Jacketed Flat Nose Ammo

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Buffalo Bore 190 Grain Flat Soft Point Ammo Details

This is .30-30 Win. Heavy Buffalo Bore 190gr. Jacketed Flat Nose Ammo. Buffalo Bore 28A utilizes a 190gr. custom Hawk bullet and gives the venerable .30-30 more power and is designed so that the person who owns a .30-30 can now reliably kill elk or moose sized game. The .30-30 can now be carried as a defensive tool in grizzly country and will be much more effective in stopping a grizzly attack than any other .30-30 ammunition in the world. This heavy .30-30 load is not designed for deer, although it will kill deer and if you line them up right, it will kill three or four deer with one shot. This round is designed for use in any .30-30 firearm that is in normal working condition. Muzzle velocity of 2100fps. This ammo is brass cased, boxer primed and non-corrosive. This ammo comes packed in 20rd. boxes.

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    30-30 Winchester
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