20rds – 223 Rem Barnes 55gr. JHP BT Ammo


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Barnes Bullets 55 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Barnes of Utah loads this 223 Rem ammunition for varmint and predator hunters. Whether you’re pumping woodchucks full of hot lead for amusement or dispatching coyotes before they can get too interested in your livestock, this is the American-made ammo which gets the job done.

This cartridge features a 55 grain lead-core jacketed hollow point boat tail projectile. It’s quite the accurate bolt of hot death for pesky varmints, with a sleek, concentric copper jacket and tapering base which elevate its G1 ballistic coefficient to 0.225. Zero in at 200 yards and observe a trajectory which rises by barely over 3” – and which terminates your quarry with over 700 ft lbs of kinetic energy on impact. The bullet’s nose cavity initiates breakneck terminal expansion, producing the gaping wound channel which effectively sends small critters to whichever place small critters go after they have died.

Barnes’ high-quality ammo receives intensive inspection before it is boxed up. You can trust these rounds’ new and reloadable brass cases, noncorrosive and responsive Boxer primers, and uniform payloads of clean-burning propellant to all live up to your expectations.
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