200rds - 45 ACP ASYM 230gr. JHP Tactical XTP Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 230 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU ASYM45N2

This is .45 ACP ASYM  230gr. Tactical Jacketed Hollow Point XTP Ammo. This is a Law Enforcement / Defense load with a rated muzzle velocity of 860 fps. from a 5" barrel. Featuring the 230gr. Hornady XTP bullet and premium propellant this load generates almost no muzzle flash, and meets FBI protocol test standards. All ASYM .45 ACP ammunition is loaded in premium nickel plated match grade brass, custom made to ASYM specifications. Every round is chamber checked and hand inspected to ensure flawless performance. This ammo is meticulously crafted from the finest components, offering unsurpassed performance, low muzzle flash, and clean burn. This ammo comes packed in 20rds. per box.

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