200rds – 223 Rem Winchester Super-X 55gr. JSP Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 55 Grain Jacketed Soft-Point (JSP) Ammo Details

Don’t tell the varmints to hit the road. Hit the varmints with .22 cal bullets instead! Winchester’s Super-X 223 Rem ammunition will give any 5.56/223 rifle the precision and lethality it needs to ruin any small game critter’s day.

Many jacketed soft point bullets are designed for taking medium game – but this round does not have one of them. Its JSP’s soft lead core and thin copper jacket make it too fragile to reliably penetrate to a depth where it can instantly kill a hog or whitetail. The bullet begins expanding and fragmenting as soon as it connects with its target. Shallow penetration and immediate expansion are precisely the terminal ballistics which are deadliest to rodents and canines.

This cartridge’s 3,240 fps muzzle velocity is perfectly normal for a 55 grain bullet. The 0.200 G1 BC bullet’s trajectory will rise 0.5” above the bore line before hitting a 100-yard target; 1.2” before hitting a 150-yard target; or 2.3” before hitting a 200-yard target. Winchester’s American-made ammo is loaded with noncorrosive Boxer primers and factory fresh brass cases – just how handloaders like it.
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