1000rds – 9mm Magtech First Defense 124gr. Bonded JHP Ammo


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  • Casing Type Brass
  • Bullet Weight 124 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 9BONA/FDB9B
  • Muzzle Energy 374
  • Muzzle Velocity 1165
  • Primer Type Boxer

The First Defense ammo line from Magtech is a superb choice for duty and personal protection in the woods, at home, or own the streets. These 9mm Luger rounds feature bonded jacketed hollow-point (JHP) projectiles with a standard NATO weight of 124 grains which offers manageable recoil for efficient follow-up shots. Bonded JHP bullets have their jackets permanently attached to their lead cores; this produces unyielding weight retention and unfailing expansion in a target after passing through barriers like plywood, drywall, denim, leather, and auto-glass. The result is a bullet that is more likely to function correctly and transfer maximum energy into a target in order to end a fight with authority.

Each of these 9x19mm cartridges also features a non-corrosive Boxer primer which is adorned with a moisture-blocking material and installed into a reloadable brass casing; this sealant protects propellant from moisture and ensures reliable ignition in dire situations. Magtech is Brazilian outfit with a rich history dating back to 1926. Their experience with international relations and meeting stringent contract criteria empowers them to create high quality ammunition in effort to meet and exceed FBI testing standards.


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    A damn good round. The expanded JHP looks VERY much like the older generation Speer Gold Dot. I wouldn't be surprised if ATK had sold the older dies/blue prints to CBC/S&B.

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