1000rds – 9mm Ammo Inc. Streak 124gr. TMJ Non-Incendiary Visual Tracer Ammo

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Streak 124 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

It used to be that you could only watch your bullet fly downrange if you were firing tracer ammunition. Of course, tracer ammunition is dangerous – not just because it is ammunition, but because its bullets are red hot and can cause fires.

Ammo Inc.’s Streak series 9mm ammunition changes all that. This round’s bullet does not create heat, so its risk of causing a fire is no greater than that of any other conventional range ammo. The bullet lights up red because its base is covered in luminescent material that reflects muzzle flash. Very clever! (As of right now Ammo Inc. doesn’t offer blue and white Streak bullets, which is too bad because we can’t wait to enjoy the most patriotic range session of all time.)

Without its luminescent coating, the Streak bullet is simply a 124 grain total metal jacket. The TMJ provides identical performance to a standard full metal jacket but with one important exception: Its jacket shields the TMJ’s core from hot propellant gasses, which translates to a cleaner barrel and less aerosolized lead to breathe in.

You’ll want to fire Streak ammo indoors or during dusk or nighttime for best results. You’ll also appreciate Ammo Inc.’s reloadable brass cases, as well as their Hyperclean Technology which appreciately reduces the buildup of propellant residue inside the action and barrel. Made in the USA!
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