1000rds – 9mm Ammo Inc. 115gr. TMJ Ammo

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Ammo Incorporated 115 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Ammo Inc. calls it the total metal case. We call it the total metal jacket. But whatever you prefer to call this special bullet, you’re going to notice much cleaner performance when you train with this fine, American-made 9mm range ammunition.

This round’s 115 grain TMJ projectile offers the same accuracy as any other high-quality FMJ of the same weight. But unlike an FMJ, which only possesses a partial jacket which leaves its lead core exposed to hot propellant gasses, the TMJ’s jacket totally encapsulates its core with copper.

Because of its design, the TMJ cannot leave lead residue behind as it rockets down the barrel. This reduces fouling and preserves a firearm’s accuracy – as does Ammo Inc.’s own Hyperclean Technology, which further reduces the need for frequent cleaning. The TMJ’s inability to emit lead vapor also keeps the air surrounding the shooter much safer to inhale.

Ammo Inc. takes care to load highly consistent 9mm training ammunition. To do this they exclusively load their own brass cases, as well as sensitive Boxer primers and uniform charges of clean-burning powder.
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