1000rds – 45 ACP Ammo Inc. stelTH 230gr. TMJ Ammo


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Stelth 230 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Clean, quiet and reliable: These are the three qualities which suppressor-ready 45 ACP ammunition must offer in order to be great. But Ammo Inc. stelTH is a must-buy even if you haven’t got a suppressor!

This cartridge features a total metal coating (aka total metal jacket) projectile. The TMJ’s jacket doesn’t just cover its nose and shank – it also encapsulates the base, so broiling propellant gasses can’t evaporate the core to deposit lead residue in the barrel or on a suppressor’s baffles. This round performs even cleaner courtesy of Ammo Inc.’s proprietary Hyperclean Technology, which measurably reduces the accumulation of propellant residues.

This round takes a simple approach to quieter performance. Its muzzle velocity of 757 fps is significantly lower than usual for a 45 ACP, so it makes accordingly less noise. A suppressor’s job becomes a lot easier when it’s muffling such a slow-moving bullet!

Ammo Inc.’s fine American-made brass cases, non-corrosive primers, high-grade propellant and meticulous loading techniques all make their ammo plenty dependable when you’re getting your shoot on at the shooting range!
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