1000rds – 40 S&W Federal Personal Defense Hydra-Shok 165gr. JHP Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 165 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Maybe you demand to train with the same ammo you’d fire in self-defense. Maybe you’d rather never run out of self-defense ammo. Either way, if 40 S&W is your favorite flavor, you’ll love Federal Premium’s Personal Defense Hydra-Shok series ammunition!

This cartridge is loaded with the Hydra-Shok, which Federal designed in response to the FBI’s request for a more effective jacketed hollow point back in the late ‘80s. The Hydra-Shok’s copper jacket is notched, which allows it to split apart uniformly during penetration. Its nose cavity also contains a tiny post, which provides even greater assurance that the bullet will expand as it pierces soft tissue. The Hydra-Shok does not have a bonded jacket, yet it still exhibits good weight retention and achieves consistent penetration depth.

Federal’s Minnesota-made self-defense ammo is loaded with nickel-plated brass cases. These are Boxer-primed and reloadable, corrosion resistant, and easier to see in the dark because they are more reflective. Low-friction nickel’s main benefit is its ability to promote more reliable feeding and extraction in semi-automatics!
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