1000rds – 223 Rem Federal American Eagle 55gr. FMJBT Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT) Ammo Details

Do you want military-grade ammunition – but would rather not invest in 1,000 rounds that have been sitting around for a few years (or decades) in a government storage facility? Say no more, say no more! We have beautiful 26-pound cases of new production Federal American Eagle 223 Rem in our own storage facility, and we’re standing by to ship it to your storage facility (aka your house).

Elemental, essential, vanilla – there’s a lot of ways to say that this is the basic 223 you want for any AR-style firearm. These cartridge have 55 grain FMJBT bullets, with nonmagnetic cores and jackets, cannelures that keep them anchored in their seating, and boat tails that keep their trajectories tight and protected against wind drift. Target shooting or home defense – up to you!

See how these rounds’ cases are discolored? They are in fact brand new and reloadable. They just weren’t shined up after they received strengthening heat treatment. Non-corrosive Boxer primers and clean-burning powder keep residue accumulation at a minimum. Bulk packaging means you only have to open one box to access all of your ammo!
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    223 Remington
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