12 Gauge

12 gauge ammunition or shells are the most popular shotgun rounds in the world as well as among United States civilian sport shooters and hunters. You'll find 12 ga ammo for sale with a number of different uses, loads, and materials that should all be considered when you're selecting the best round for you.

There are a number of shot sizes available for 12 gauge shooters. Generally, the larger the number of shot size, the smaller the pellets inside the shell. For instance, a trapshooter who is targeting clays will want a smaller pellet with a wider pattern. He or she won't need much power to take out the target so a #9 shell with 201 pellets inside would be a good choice.

Smaller shot shell numbers, such as #4 shot are better for larger game, like turkey. You'll find both large and small shot available in either lead or steel, so be sure you know your local hunting regulations and many states no longer allow lead shot to be used, especially if you're hunting waterfowl. Not sure of the difference, click here for a quick primer on lead vs. steel shot.

Look for a wide selection of in-stock shells from buckshot and slugs to birdshot and trapshot from the top manufacturers available today. Brands like Remington, Fiocchi, and Federal are available in the categories listed below.

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