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223 Remington ammunition and 5.56x45 NATO rounds are among the popular cartridges for American civilian shooters. Both are light-weight cartridges with relatively low recoil and a ton of muzzle velocity, making them easy on the rifleman to fire consistently and quickly.

223 ammunition is the most popular rifle caliber in terms of rounds sold in the United States today. Commonly paired with the AR-15 Armalite rifle, these rounds a capable for defense but most commonly used by recreational sport shooters who like the flexibility the very fast, light-weight bullet provides. You can expect muzzle velocities in the neighborhood of 3,000 feet per second with most rounds along with a muzzle energy rating that's around 1,300 foot pounds.

Look for a wide assortment of in-stock 223 ammo along with 5.56 with bullet weights primarily in either 55-grain or 62-grain. We carry both bulk full metal jacket loaded rounds, like these from PMC and hollow point bullets that are better suited for hunting or competition shooting, like these match-grade rounds from Fiocchi. All of our 223 ammo for sale is in-stock with fast shipping.

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  1. 50rds - 5.56 Magtech/CBC 55gr. FMJ Ammo 50rds - 5.56 Magtech/CBC 55gr. FMJ Ammo

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  2. 20rds - .223 PMC Bronze 55gr. FMJ Ammo 20rds - .223 PMC Bronze 55gr. FMJ Ammo

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2 Item(s)

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