1000rds – 5.56x45 Winchester USA 55gr. FMJ M193 Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Hey, we’ve got nothing against the Serbian, Russian, Mexican and Australian manufacturers whose 5.56x45 ammo we often feature on Ammo To Go. But we’ll always have a certain fondness for the American made stuff, which is why we’re proud to offer Winchester USA 5.56 by the case!

This ammo is your best friend at the rifle range whether you’ve got an AR or anything else that can wrap its chamber around 5.56. Loaded to the military’s own M193 specs, this cartridge has a 55 grain full metal jacket projectile. Look forward to trouble-free feeding and low barrel fouling, but don’t count on the bullet to expand inside game. It may fragment, though, which alongside the 5.56’s inherent power means this range ammo can double as a key part of a home defense strategy if you so wish.

Winchester’s brass cases are drawn and tapered to consistent dimensions to promote smooth functionality in a semi-automatic rifle. This ammo’s new cases still bear their annealing marks because Winchester skips polishing their military-grade cases – it’s meant to work, not glitter. This ammo is nonmagnetic, non-corrosive, and bar none some of the best for recreational shooting!

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