32 ACP ammo or 32 Automatic Colt Pistol ammunition was at one point one of the most popular cartridges in the world. .32 ammo was most widely spread throughout Europe, but also found its way to South America and the United States. Designed to be used in small, compact blowback operated weapons you’ll find a lot of concealed carry pistol owners rely upon the cartridge today.

32 ammo was both police and military use, and was used extensively by police forces around Europe. 32 auto cartridge was even used by James Bond for a short period of time after Ian Fleming received a letter from a gun knowing fan. The round and weapons chambered in it’s cartridge where known for being extremely light in the days before polymer frames.

The caliber has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years with the rise in concealed carry and the demand for small, concealable pocket pistols. Weapons like the P-32 by Kel-Tec has taken the round and made it into a modern option for concealed carry. The 32 automatic cartridge is now being made in a variety of modern defensive loads that you can find in-stock today. Look for both practice and self-defense 32 auto ammo for sale below:

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