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Corbon is a family-owned and operated company that provides tactical and high-volume competition ammo for a wide range of calibers. The company is lead by the Pi family, a group dedicated to the production of reliable, consistent ammo for law enforcement officers, hunters, private gun owners, and military personnel.

This company has a strong commitment to quality control, using a meticulous QC process to ensure every product they create is of the highest standard. The employees and leaders of this business understand that reliable and consistent quality is essential for ammunition, and they deliver on this goal with each and every box. With tried-and-true designs and expansive quality-control measures, Corbon is a name that gun owners can trust.

Corbon is well known for their self-defense ammunition. They have cartridges that cycle consistently from the clip to the chamber, ensuring outstanding performance when you need it most. Whether you have a handgun that takes .45 Auto rounds or a rifle that takes .223 Remington ammo, you can count on this manufacturer to deliver the reliability you expect. No matter what type of firearm you have, there is likely a Corbon product for protecting your home.

Because they are dedicated to self defense, Corbon has created one of the most the most reliable jacketed-hollow points you can purchase. By developing expandable projectiles that do not “plug up” or become clogged with clothing material, which hinders expansion, these bullets maintain terminal ballistics and result in superior stopping power.

One of Corbon’s most popular products is the “Safety Slug.” Provided by Glaser, a sister company of Corbon, this type of handgun ammunition was created in 1974 for use by Sky Marshals. These rounds are packed with a bullet that helps reduce ricochet from hard surfaces, resulting in safer, more reliable performance in self-defense situations.

Corbon also has outstanding hunting and high-volume range ammunition, making them one of the most well-rounded ammunition manufacturers for a wide range of uses.

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  1. 20rds - 9mm Corbon 125gr. +P JHP Ammo 20rds - 9mm Corbon 125gr. +P JHP Ammo

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  2. 20rds – 10mm Corbon 150gr. JHP Ammo 20rds – 10mm Corbon 150gr. JHP Ammo

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2 Item(s)