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Buffalo Bore is an ammunition manufacturer dedicated to the production of high-caliber, high-performance rounds, primarily for hunting and self defense. As the name suggests, they have big-bore ammunition for dropping the most dangerous game on the planet, as well as powerful ammunition for effectively protecting your home and your family.

Based out of Idaho, this company is one of the best choices for high-volume ammunition that does not sacrifice quality, consistency, or performance.

One of Buffalo Bore’s top products is a line called “Buffalo-Barnes.” Partnering with Barnes Bullets, the company has introduced a line of lead-free ammo that can be used in many different firearms. Buffalo-Barnes includes options for both pistol and rifle ammunition.

Buffalo Bore has a wide selection of handgun ammunition for many different purposes. They create powerful handgun ammunition that is made to highly-specific standards, all created with the user in mind. They create many lead-free options for indoor range shooting, as well as jacketed hollow points and other self-defense handgun options. Their cartridges run in a wide variety of calibers, including 9mm Luger, .38 Super, .357 Magnum, and even .500 Smith & Wesson.

Creating strictly big-bore ammo, Buffalo Bore has many of the finest large-game rifle cartridges you can find. These also include lead-free products, as well as low-recoil and supercharged options. No matter what caliber of rifle you own, there is ammo to fit your needs, including .30-06, .308 Winchester, .45-70, and .300 Winchester Magnum.

Buffalo Bore has plenty of new brass for home loaders as well. This includes .500 JHR brass and .457 Linebaugh cases. These cases are properly head-stamped and newly manufactured to deliver outstanding performance in the magazine and chamber.

Whether you are looking for highly-effective dangerous game ammunition, need a lead-free cartridge for indoor range shooting, or want a reliable round for home defense, Buffalo Bore is an ammunition manufactured that can meet your high standards.

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