A selection of in-stock 223 and 5.56x45 speciality ammo. This is where you'll find 223 tracer ammunition and other rounds that aren't considered as mainstream as some of the other projectile types.

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    Very impressive ammunition, more so than I expected from it. I live on a horse-farm and like to practice alot, which means a suppressor and subsonic ammo to keep the peace with the herd. I got 3 types of subsonic; this RTB, the EBR and the Extreme Shock versions and tested them all. This ammo gave nearly the same results as the EBR (much more expensive) subsonic! Its very clean brass, never had one fail to fire, and has a decent size hollow-point. This like the EBR and civilian Extreme Shock, it will Not cycle in your AR-15! But when fired (after the first round of course), it's as silent as a BB-gun with about 2 or 3 pumps. Its fricken Awesome!
    Kristopher Kortright on 20rds - 223 Right To Bear Subsonic 52gr. JHP TNT Ammo