500pcs - 38 / 357 Cal .357" Dia Zero 125gr. JHP Bullets


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500pcs - 38 / 357 Cal .357" Dia Zero 125gr. JHP Bullets Details

This 500 count package of projectiles from Zero Bullets is a great place to start for handloaders looking to craft their own self-defense cartridges for revolvers and lever-action rifles chambered in .38 Special or .357 Magnum. These jacketed hollow-point (JHP) rounds feature exposed lead tips with deep cavities and true copper jackets which can withstand high velocities unlike plated bullets. With a light weight of 125 grains, these projectiles can also be use to create light-recoiling cartridges which enable quick follow-up shots.

These JHPs are designed to flatten and expand during entry into a target for optimum energy transfer to vital zones. This contributes to a quicker stop on a threat while reducing the chance of over-penetration and lethal collateral damage. Each bullet measures .357 inches at its diameter which is marked with a toothed cannelure; the grooves make it easy for reloaders to set their crimping die and also secure the projectile in place under recoil in order to preserve accuracy. Zero's bullets are made in Alabama and have been held in high regard by competitive shooters and reloading hobbyists for over five decades.

  • Cost Per Round
  • Bullet Weight
  • Bullet Caliber
    357 Mag, 357 Maximum, 38 Special
  • Bullet Diameter
    .357 Inches
  • Quantity
  • Manufacturer
    Zero Bullet
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by James Husk

    I use the125 gr JHP with Winchester 296 powder in metallic lever action matches and they perform accurately and they fly very. Flat. I use one sight settingn from 40 meters through 100 meters with no sight or sight picture adjustment. I use them in both of my Rossies.
    One is a 20 inch barrel and one is a 24 inch barrel. I am very satisfied with them. They also operate smoothly in my Dillon Press.

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