5rds - .410 Gauge Winchester 3" 1/4 oz. Rifled HP Slug Ammo

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5rds - .410 Gauge Winchester 3" 1/4 oz. Rifled HP Slug Ammo Details

It requires skill and finesse to take a deer with a 410 Bore, but why hamper your hunt with anything less than great ammunition? This shell from Winchester’s Super-X label can take down rugged game fast with its 1/4 ounce rifled hollow point slug -- take it in the woods with you!

A slug’s rifling doesn’t contribute to its accuracy in any noticeable way, but it’s a great feature if you don’t wish to swap out your choke tube before firing. This 3” shell’s 1,800 fps muzzle velocity does contribute to its great accuracy, however, and gives its slug 234 ft lbs of muzzle energy to overwhelm its target with 100 yards out! The soft lead hollow point slug will fan outward as it burrows within its target, letting you score a clean kill with a small-bore shotgun.

Winchester’s standardized manufacturing and inspection processes guarantee the same five shots out of this box of shells. Their propellant charge burns clean, and ignites fast to deliver so zippy a muzzle velocity. Great fun even if you don’t plan to take your 410 Bore out hunting any time soon!
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    410 Gauge
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