5rds - 20 Gauge Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra 2 3/4" 260gr. Bonded Sabot Slug Ammo

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5rds - 20 Gauge Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra 2 3/4" 260gr. Bonded Sabot Slug Ammo Details

20 Gauge Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra 2 3/4" 260 Grain Bonded Sabot Slugs - 5 Rounds

Best known for its long line of legendary firearms, Remington has been shaping the shooting world for more than 200 years. Undoubtedly one of the most-respected names in the industry, Remington also engineers some of the best hunting and sporting ammunition on the market.

Remington’s Core-Lokt rifle loads have been trusted by big game hunters for generations. Core-Lokt offers technology and legendary performance that have stood the test of time. Now, Core-Lokt technology has entered the realm of shotgun loads. Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Sabot Slugs are the ultimate weapon for big game. Delivering amazing velocities, increased long-range accuracy, and hard-hitting energy transfer, these loads are highly effective for all species of North American big game.

This package contains 5 rounds of Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra 20 gauge ammunition. Each factory fresh 2 ¾ inch shotgun shell is loaded with a 260 grain bonded sabot slug. Each of these heavy-weight slugs features unique spiral nose cuts and a sleek ogive nose. This innovative design generates consistent expansion (up to twice the original diameter) and flat trajectories for increase long-range accuracy.

This ammunition is factory fresh and is designed for use only in 20 gauge shotguns with fully-rifled barrels. Each round produces an impressive muzzle velocity of 1900 feet per second.

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    20 Gauge
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