5rds - 12 Gauge Remington Premier Accutip 2 3/4" 385gr. Bonded Sabot Slug Ammo

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5rds - 12 Gauge Remington Premier Accutip 2 3/4" 385gr. Bonded Sabot Slug Ammo Details

Single Box of 12 Gauge Remington Premier Accutip 2 3/4" 385 Grain Bonded Sabot Slug Ammo

Famous for its long line of legendary firearms, Remington has also been producing quality ammunition for more than two centuries. Using only the finest components and cutting-edge innovation, Remington continues to provide the modern shooter with high-performance ammo for almost any shooting application.

This package contains 5 rounds of Remington Premier Accutip 12 gauge ammunition. Each 2 ¾ inch shotgun shell is loaded with a 385 grain bonded sabot slug. With a slug jacket made from high-strength cartridge brass, these loads deliver impressive weight retention and hard-hitting terminal energy. Guided by Remington’s new Power Port Tip, these bonded sabot slugs deliver accuracy and performance unmatched in the field.

This is the largest tipped slug on the market, and it produces a massive wound channel guaranteed to stop deer in their tracks. With excellent performance over varied distances, the Remington Premier Accutip bonded sabot slug yields perfect mushrooms and over 95 percent weight retention. This is due to its proprietary spiral nose cuts, bonded construction, and high-strength cartridge brass jacket.

Leaving the muzzle at a blistering 1850 feet per second with 2925 foot pounds of energy, these are the slugs you want in your 12 gauge when you line your sights on a trophy buck.

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