5rds - 12 Gauge Hornady American Whitetail 2 3/4" 325gr. Interlock Sabot Slug Ammo

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5rds - 12 Gauge Hornady American Whitetail 2 3/4" 325gr. Interlock Sabot Slug Ammo Details

Designed to deliver knock-down, drag-out hunting results, Hornady American Whitetail Slugs are more than capable of taking on the largest whitetails. Each 2 ¾ inch shotshell is loaded with a 325 grain Interlock Sabot slug. Featuring a serrated hollow point design and a tough, lead-alloy core, these hard-hitting slugs expand rapidly upon target impact. The slug design includes Hornady’s signature InterLock ring, which locks the jacket and core in place to prevent core/jacket separation. The result is excellent weight retention and hard-hitting terminal energy transfer. In addition, the rigid polycarbonate sabot with Hornady’s exclusive buffer disc ensures accuracy, making your 12 gauge slug gun lethal out past 200 yards. This ammunition is designed for use in shotguns with fully rifled barrels.

With humble beginnings as a simple, two-man operation, Hornady has evolved into a world leader in the ammunition industry. Founded in 1949, Hornady has become favorite of law enforcement, self-defense shooters, and big game hunters for its dependability, precision accuracy, and high-level performance.

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    12 Gauge
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