50rds – 223 Rem Black Hills 52gr. Match HP Ammo


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50rds – 223 Rem Black Hills 52gr. Match HP Ammo Details

Black Hills Ammunition is based in Rapid City, South Dakota. They load premium ammo for gun manufacturers who need to test out their goods, the U.S. Armed Forces, and discerning shooters throughout the country. They are owned by a former police officer who turned his handloading hobby into something far more lucrative than throwing bad guys in the slammer, and they combine high quality components, expert loading practices and technology, and diligent inspection protocol to offer some of the best ammo on the market.

This is some of the best 223 Rem match ammo on the market. Each round is armed with a 52 grain match hollow point bullet. Make certain you don’t want bullets that expand inside soft tissue, as a match HP is designed only to deliver tack driving accuracy.

This round’s bullet features a narrow meplat, ballistically efficient profile and base, intensely concentric jacket, and painstakingly standardized weight and dimensions. The opening in its tip indicates that its core formed and hardened inside of the bullet’s jacket, granting it rotational stability superior to that of a regular FMJ.

Black Hills employs reloadable cases, sensitive and non-corrosive Boxer primers, and clean burning proprietary propellant blends to load their fine ammo.
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    223 Remington
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