50rds - 223 Rem Black Hills 69gr. MatchKing HP Ammo

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50rds - 223 Rem Black Hills 69gr. MatchKing HP Ammo Details

This 223 Rem cartridge by Black Hills features Sierra’s 69 grain MatchKing projectile. The MatchKing is optimized for accuracy in every way, starting with its extremely thin jacket which is drawn to a concentricity standard of 0.0003 in maximum variation to give it exceptional rotational stability. The bullet’s weight and density are standardized just as thoroughly as well. The MatchKing’s hollow point meplat does not grant it the ability to expand during penetration, but it does help it to resist wind deflection and is furthermore is extremely narrow to improve ballistic efficiency.

Black Hills’ factory fresh ammunition features new production brass casings, which possess uniform dimensions for reliable cycling and are wholly appropriate for handloading. Black Hills’ premium products are favored by all branches of the United States Armed Forces, and several firearm manufacturers implement it for testing as well. If you’re after match accuracy out of your AR-15, then you’ll find everything to approve of in this round.
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    223 Remington
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Steve Heaphy

    It's nice A.T.G carries Black Hills now. The 69gr SMK is a great hollow point and if your rifle can't stabilize the heavier 77gr SMK (1:7 twist) then pick up a box of this stuff. You will be pleased with the accuracy and terminal performance of the 69gr SMK.

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