50rds – 204 Ruger Fiocchi 40gr. V-MAX Ammo

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50rds – 204 Ruger Fiocchi 40gr. V-MAX Ammo Details

Ever have a fox eat one of your chickens? It’s a real shame, but you can’t blame the fox who’s less interested in the concept of personal property than he is eating flightless birds. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight back, though. That’s the reason Hornady makes the V-MAX. This 204 Ruger round’s 40 grain polymer tipped bullet will put a speedy stop to any creature who’s getting a little too friendly with your fowl. The tip extends into a precisely formed hollow in the V-MAX’s swaged lead core, so it builds up big energy before coming into contact with the core and sending it kablooey.

The V-MAX has the accuracy it needs to hit small targets, too. Its sharp tip and maximum bearing surface profile keep its trajectory level, and Hornady’s jacket is well known for its concentricity. This cartridge is loaded by Fiocchi, most likely in Ozark, Missouri. Fiocchi is an ancient ammunition manufacturer with a lot of Old World acumen to work with. Their brass casings, non-corrosive primers, and clean propellant provide good value for their price tags. You’ll find this cartridge an excellent choice for target shooting as well.
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    Range Training, Varmint Hunting
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    204 Ruger
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