500rds - 9mm Corbon Performance Match 147gr. Sub-Sonic FMJ Ammo

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500rds - 9mm Corbon Performance Match 147gr. Sub-Sonic FMJ Ammo Details

Bulk Corbon Performance Match 147 Grain Subsonic FMJ 9x19 Ammo

Corbon Ammunition is owned and operated by a family of proud shooters. Offering innovative, high-quality loads for every shooting platform - including hunting, competition shooting, law enforcement, and personal protection - Corbon has ammunition to fit the needs of virtually every modern shooter. Corbon Ammunition uses only high quality components and puts all their ammunition through rigorous testing to ensure safety, quality, and performance.

This package contains 500 rounds of Corbon Performance Match 9mm luger (also known as 9x19mm parabellum) ammunition. Each round is loaded with a 147 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) projectile. Utilizing match grade components, this is the perfect choice for the combat target shooter, I.D.P.A. competitor, or law enforcement officer. Engineered to reduce felt recoil, these rounds promote rapid, accurate shooting.

With impressive uniformity and incredible shot-to-shot accuracy, Corbon’s Match Performance ammo is some of the best subsonic target ammunition on the market. Each round produces a consistent muzzle velocity of 900 feet per second and 264 foot pounds of muzzle energy. This subsonic velocity works well with most modern suppressors.

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