500rds – 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110gr. SJHP Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 110 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow-Point (SJHP) Ammo Details

There’s simply too much at stake when it comes to your personal protection ammo to sacrifice a lick of quality. Still, that doesn’t mean a juggernaut like Remington can’t give you exactly what you need to stay safe without saving you a little money in the process. Although this 38 Special +P HTP round is easy on the wallet, its 110 grain semi-jacketed hollow point projectile is poised to easily penetrate barriers before it unleashes devastating expanding terminal performance inside its target. It is engineered for both high weight retention and double diameter mushrooming, making it exceptionally lethal.

This round features a factory fresh brass casing, as well as a non-corrosive Kleanbore primer which is extra gentle on the barrel. Remington sealed the cartridge’s primer and case mouth for added durability. This is a great opportunity to train with the same ammo you’d implement in a life or death situation -- hard to pass that up! Please note that this is +P ammunition. It’ll work great in a S&W 442 or Colt Cobra, but not a pistol that isn’t designed to take the added pressure.
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    38 Special
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