500rds - 30-06 WPA Military Classic 140gr. SP Ammo

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Wolf Ammunition 140 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

The 30-06 Spring is a popular round for deer hunting owing to its great balance of accuracy, velocity, and manageable recoil. It has been thoroughly vetted by the U.S. Army during the nearly five decades of use it saw there.

This 30-06 Spring cartridge by WOLF Performance Ammunition’s Military Classic line of ammunition features a non-corrosive Berdan primed steel casing with a polymer coating to promote smooth feeding and extraction. It is not meant to be reloaded, but if you don’t intend to handload anyway then this cartridge’s affordable price is sure to make it an attractive choice. This cartridge also offers a 140 grain soft point projectile, so it will fly accurately while still causing additional damage via expansion after impact.

WOLF Performance Ammunition specializes in the production of affordable ammunition without cutting corners. They are headquartered in California, although the majority of their ammunition is manufactured in their factory in Russia.
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