40rds – 223 Rem Remington UMC 45gr. JHP Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 45 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

What we have here is a genuine, bona fide 223 Rem varmint walloper! Remington’s UMC series ammunition ought to treat any 5.56 AR-style rifle splendidly, but it’s no less suitable for eliminating prairie dogs and other nuisance beasts with a precision bolt gun.

This cartridge is loaded with a 45 grain bullet, which is light as far as 223 ammo goes. You’ll get a laser-like trajectory at close range, but the round’s relatively low 0.173 G1 ballistic coefficient means it is not a great pick for long-range varmint sniping. The bullet is a jacketed hollow point and performs comparably to the kind of projectile you’d choose for self-defense with a handgun. When the lead-core bullet connects with a small, fleshy target, it will expand outward to inflict the fast and clean kill which won’t needlessly torment small game.

We’re often asked about this ammo’s noncorrosive Boxer-primed brass cases, which are admittedly less shiny than what many are accustomed to. They are reloadable – but they are not previously reloaded. Every brass case becomes discolored around its neck after heat treatment has strengthened it, but Remignton simply saves a step by not polishing this ammo’s cases at the factory. That omission will not impact performance in any appreciable way!
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